InterPack: 100% seal inspection for flexible and rigid packaging at the Engilico and PACRAFT booths


At the international InterPack exhibition (Düsseldorf, May 4-10), Engilico presents its solutions for in-line seal inspection at the Engilico booth, as part of the Flanders Investments & Trade pavilion in Hall 10 and at the PACRAFT booth in Hall 11.


At the Engilico booth (Hall 10, Booth C29), Engilico presents HyperScope®, the award-winning seal inspection solution for rigid trays, pots and thermoformed packaging. HyperScope® uses hyperspectral imaging (HSI) and artificial intelligence image processing technology to detect contamination in the seal of plastic trays, with a much higher contrast than standard vision cameras. Even when using opaque or printed plastic foils – when contamination is hardly visible for traditional vision-based systems- seal contamination can be detected by a hyperspectral camera. Typical applications are in-line inspection of trays or pots with meat, fish, cheese, vegetables, etc.

Engilico also presents SealScope® for in-line seal inspection of flexible packages on a Vertical-Fill-Form-Seal (VFFS) machine. SealScope® is an easy to integrate, and non-destructive in-line seal inspection and process monitoring technology for flexible packages such as pouches, flow wraps, VFFS bags, etc. Via sensors that are mounted on the sealing jaws, SealScope® detects product in seal, wrinkles and tapered seals. It also issues early warnings for process drifts enabling preventive machine maintenance. Worldwide, leading companies in the food, pet care and other industries where sealing is a critical process are using SealScope® seal inspection to improve their outgoing packaging quality and reduce their packaging cost.
Our global partnerships with leading packaging system manufacturers guarantee an easy integration of SealScope® to deliver optimized packaging lines for your business. SealScope® integrates or partners with major machine brands or integrators such as PACRAFT (previous Tojo Jidoki), BW Flexible systems (Hayssen, Sandiacre, …), SN Packaging, LeePack, Fuji Packaging, Omori, HDG, GEA, ULMA, VolPak, MesPack, Ilapak, Rovema and many more.

In the PACRAFT booth, situated in Hall 11 booth A44, Engilico will demonstrate SealScope® for in-line seal inspection on a TT-8A2 rotating pouch packaging machine. This pre-made pouch, filler/sealer offers a flexible pouch format system that can fill and seal a variety of products. Also HyperScope®, Engilico’s newest solution for hyperspectral seal inspection of rigid packages is presented for the first time in Europe at the PACRAFT booth! Other highlights on the PACRAFT booth are a fully-automated, high-speed retort pouch packaging machine that seamlessly handle the filling and vacuum processing of pre-made pouches (TT-10CWS) and a dual-lane pouch packaging that handles frozen foods, pet food, snacks and many more at an exceptional speed and accuracy (TT-8DW-N). The 3 models being exhibited will be demonstrated with easy-to-recycle mono-material bags and aluminum-free bags.