Engilico receives a VLAIO grant to develop hyperspectral solution for in-line seal inspection of thermoformed packaging and trays

Engilico Rotselaar, Leuven – Engilico received a grant from VLAIO to develop a seal inspection solution for thermoformed packaging and trays, often used in food applications. The inspection solution will use hyperspectral imaging (HSI) technology and dedicated image processing. The new development will allow to detect contamination in the seal with a much higher contrast than traditional vision-based systems and to measure through printed and transparent film.

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About Engilico
Engilico® delivers innovative solutions for quality control of food and pet care, enabling customers to realize better packaging quality, higher packaging productivity, end-of-line automation and reduced packaging costs. Engilico® solutions help to warrant package integrity and shelf life, to reduce customer complaints and therefore improve the brand image of top 10 international players within the global food, pet care and other industries.