Seal quality inspection for food, pet care & other industries

As the expert in seal quality inspection and sealing monitoring, Engilico is proud to be the preferred partner of top 10 international players within the food, pet care and other industries where integrity of sealing is of major importance.


100% Seal integrity of flexible packages is what Engilico and its partners continuously strive for. Especially in those applications where seal defects have a dramatic influence on:

  • Shelf life like MAP, retort packages, sterilized packages, hot fill packages
  • Customer safety like for certain retort food packages and medical applications
  • Brand image and customer complaints, especially in a growing competition between house brands and premium brands

Seal quality inspection is critical in package integrity management, whether it is for pouches, horizontal flow wraps (HFW) or pillow bags (VFFS).  SealScope® allows for 100% in-line monitoring of your sealing process, leading to better package quality, higher effective packaging speed and lower costs.