Matrix shows SealScope®, in-line 100% seal inspection at Pack Expo East 2024

Pack Expo East 2024

At the Pack Expo East (Philadelphia, Mar 18-20) tradeshow, Matrix Packaging Machinery, part of the ProMach Flexibles & Trays business line, will demonstrate Engilico’s SealScope® seal inspection solution on a PACRAFT TT-8D-N packaging machine.

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Frau Heilscher in the production line

Kneipp improves their packaging process with in-line seal inspection

Today we visit the Kneipp® Oberhauser plant near Würzburg with Mrs. Heilscher, responsible for lean manufacturing. In this modern production plant, a wide variety of products are processed, including bath, body care, and even nutritional supplies.


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Joe Soletti in the production line

In-line hyperspectral seal inspection enables end-of-line automation for packaging snack trays

Since 1949, one of the most popular television and party snacks has been produced in Austria: the thin, salty pretzel sticks from the brand Soletti. Meanwhile Soletti became part of Kelly Snacks, and the successful product of flour, water, salt and yeast is exported to more than 40 countries. To keep up with the continuous growth, Kelly most recently invested in two new production lines for packaging various types of trays. A key element for these salty snacks is to preserve the crispiness, so seal integrity is critical. That’s why Kelly also integrated two new HyperScope® systems into these production lines, for fully automatic and 100% in-line seal inspection of the single- and multi-compartment trays with transparent as well as printed films.


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For the packaging, Gittis uses Rovema machines

Gittis deploys several production lines with in-line seal inspection and process monitoring

At the foot of the Alps near Salzburg, the Austrian company Gittis is surrounded by a natural environment that inspires every day to produce valuable baby nutrition. The Gittis products are 100% produced in Austria and supplied to customers all over the world. Baby food is delicate, and it is extremely important to meet the highest quality requirements of customers and end-users. As the Asian market, where quality requirements are extremely high, is of great importance, Gittis upgraded all their packaging lines for baby nutrition with 100% in-line seal inspection to guarantee the best packaging quality.


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For the packaging, Kotányi uses Laudenberg and SN machines

KOTÁNYI innovates with in-line seal inspection of pouches with spices

What is the perfect recipe for a company that specializes in enhancing food with herbs and spices? Well, you need more than just paprika — you need passion, pioneering spirit, production excellence and an enduring striving for superb quality. Because Kotányi is automating their pouch packaging lines, they recently deployed two innovative, in-line seal inspection systems to assure the quality of their packages with herbs.


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HyperScope® receives JAPAN PACK Excellence Award 2023

Japan PACK Awards 2023

At the JAPAN PACK show (Oct 3-6, 2023), HyperScope® was awarded with the JAPAN PACK Excellence Award. Japan PACK is a leading Packaging & Manufacturing Technology show organized by Japan Packaging Machinery Manufacturers Association. This year’s exhibition focused on automation and the environment, which are currently of increasing interest. The prize was received by the PACRAFT team during the award ceremony at the Tokyo Big Sight Exhibition venue. Engilico is since 2021 part of PACRAFT packaging company, and part of the Japanese Nabtesco group.

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Engilico presents inline, 100% seal inspection at the Engilico, PACRAFT, MATRIX (ProMach) and LAKO booths

PackExpo Las Vegas 2023

At the international Pack Expo Las Vegas exhibition (Sept 11-13), Engilico presents its solutions for in-line seal inspection at the Engilico booth (C-5613) and MATRIX booth (C-2825) in Central hall and at the PACRAFT booth (SU-8080) in South-Upper hall. Also in the LAKO booth (SL-6025/6284), SealScope will be presented in a sealing bar setup.

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Webinar: Use cases of AI-based, hyperspectral seal inspection for rigid packages

WebinarEngilico presents the new features of its HyperScope solution for in-line seal inspection of plastic and cardboard rigid packages such as trays, pots and other thermo-formed packages along with an extensive set of use cases.

The webinar explains how hyperspectral camera technology can detect contamination in the seal of trays, pots and other thermo-formed packages, even when printed foil is used.

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Engilico’s HyperScope® is nominated for the 2023 CFIA Innovations Trophy

Innovation Trophies CFIA Rennes 2023

Engilico is delighted to announce that HyperScope® is nominated for the 2023 CFIA  Innovation Trophy Awards

Innovation is cultivated at CFIA Rennes.  The CFIA Rennes’ mission is to support the sector’s manufacturers and offer them the best of and for the food industry. The Innovation Awards are an inevitable part of this approach. 100 innovations are to be discovered this year and  the final 12 nominees are known ! Engilico is nominated for the category “Quality”.

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In-line seal inspection of VFFS bags with sourdough mixes

Puratos relies on SealScope seal inspection for packaging lines of O-tentic sourdough mixes

Delicious bread is a favored element in the daily food consumption of millions of people. Bread is typically prepared with high-value bakery mixes that consist of living ingredients such as yeast. As these need to be protected from oxidation and moisture, the packaging must be perfectly sealed. That’s why Puratos has equipped their Vertical-Form-Fill-Seal packaging machines with a SealScope® in-line seal inspection system.


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Engilico selected as ˝Company of the Month˝ by Industry Update


UK magazine “Industry Update” selected Engilico as “Company of the Month”. The main reason for this selection was the recently granted prize at the All4Pack tradeshow in Paris, where Engilico received for HyperScope, its latest hyperspectral seal inspection system the prestigious Innovative Technology Award.

Read the article (PDF)

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HyperScope® announced as winner of the ALL4PACK Innovative Technology Award


Engilico® is delighted to announce that HyperScope® is the winner of the ALL4PACK Innovative Technology Award. Prior to the event, the exhibition’s Pack Expert Committee, studied the dossiers of 24 finalists – selected by a jury of international journalists- and awarded Engilico’s new HyperScope® in the category “Innovative technology”.

Visit our stand  E046 in Hall 5a – at ALL4PACK Paris from Nov 21- 24- to discover our latest innovation HyperScope® for 100% IN-LINE SEAL INSPECTION of rigid packages.

Read the full press release

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New HyperScope® system enables smart seal detection by artificial intelligence

HyperScope® hyperspectral imaging for rigid packaging

Engilico announces a new evolution of the HyperScope® system for seal inspection of plastic or cardboard trays, pots and other thermoformed packages. HyperScope® uses hyperspectral imaging to detect seal contamination with high contrast, even with printed film. The inspection system features GPU-accelerated artificial intelligence, which enables high-precision seal area detection in real-time, regardless of the package orientation, packaging material, layout or size. Another new improvement is the (optionally) integrated conveyor belt that can be completed with an integrated reject unit. Combining these improvements, HyperScope® serves as a fully integrated solution for high-accuracy rigid package inspection.

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SealScope webinar: Use cases of in-line, 100% seal inspection ​​​​​​​to improve packaging quality and productivity

SealScope® Webinar: Use cases of in-line, 100% seal inspection   to improve packaging quality and productivity Join us for a free webinar that explains:

  • Why in-line seal inspection is a must in food packaging
  • Basics of SealScope® for 100% seal inspection of flexible packaging
  • Case stories on how our customers use inline seal inspection
    • For various food applications: Meat, cheese, pet food, fresh produce, powder
    • Using different package types: Pouches, (VFFS) Bags, Flow wraps
    • On multiple machines brands: Toyo Jidoki (PACRAFT), GEA, Omori, etc.
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Engilico integrates seal height measurement in SealScope®

Seal height measurement sensor

Better packaging quality by seal height inspection

 A correct seal height is critical for the seal and product quality. Seal height issues can lead to open or leaking packages that can disrupt the packaging process or lead to customer complaints. Therefor it is important to automatically eliminate products with seal height problems already during the production process.  Engilico® now offers a seal height measurement sensor that is fully integrated in the SealScope® application to detect seals that are too high, too low or tapered.

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Focus on cheese packaging quality

In-line seal inspection of flowpack packages with sliced cheese

Flanders Food Productions deploys second SealScope® seal inspection system on new cheese packaging line

For a delicate product such as cheese, the packaging must be perfectly sealed to guarantee shelf life. That’s why Flanders Food Productions has again equipped their newest sliced cheese packaging line with an Engilico in-line seal inspection system.


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Webinar: Introducing hyperspectral seal inspection for rigid, plastic packages

WebinarContamination in the seal of rigid packages causes important issues for food producers as it may lead to leakage, and consequently reduced shelf life and even expensive recalls.
This webinar explains how hyperspectral camera technology can detect contamination in the seal of trays, pots and other thermo-formed packages, even when printed foil is used.

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Supporting the drive for less plastic

Hyperspectral seal inspection of packages with cardboard trays

HyperScope also inspects packages with cardboard trays or backing

Today, there is a definitive trend to use less plastic in packaging for fresh meat, fish, cheese. Formable paper or cardboard backings sealed with plastic film reduce up to 80% of plastic, are made of recyclable materials and interesting for marketing as they can be printed in attractive patterns.


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Packaging innovation award for HyperScope® at Empack

News Magazine edition 2021

We are delighted to announce that HyperScope®, our new solution for hyperspectral seal inspection of rigid packages with plastic (printed) top films has won  the  “Verpakking & Label Magazine awards”.
The Award ceremony was held at the EMPACK 2021 in Mechelen on Oct 27.




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Nabtesco acquires Engilico Group, seal inspection systems producer for food & pet food packaging

Nabtesco to acquire Engilico Group

Rotselaar, October 5, 2021 – Engilico announces that it has entered into a definitive agreement with Nabtesco Corporation (headquarters Tokyo, Japan), through its subsidiary PACRAFT, to sell 100% of the shares of Engilico Engineering Solutions NV, a leading provider of innovative packaging seal inspection technology in Belgium. The transaction also includes the acquisition of Engilico’s daughter companies in Belgium and the United States.

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Engilico appoints business development manager for India

Engilico appoints a new business development manager for India

Engilico, the expert in in-line seal inspection solutions for flexible and rigid plastic packaging, appointed a new business development manager in India. As of July 1st 2021, Manu Sharma, based in New Delhi, has joined the Engilico team to strategically expand the seal inspection business within the food, pet food and other applicable industries in India and the South Asian Association of Regional Cooperation (SAARC) region.

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Engilico News Magazine edition 2021 is now online

News Magazine edition 2021

In this first edition of our News Magazine:

    • Interview with CEO Olivier Georis
    • Special Dog Company implements 100% seal inspection for wet pet food packaging
    • New! HyperScope | In-line seal inspection for rigid packages
    • Cheese packed with care at Hazeleger Kaas
    • Excellent packaging quality for freshly made pâtés

and many more customer stories

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Engilico® provides seal inspection system for verification of packaging with COVID-19 test supplies

Engilico supplies seal inspection system of COVID-19 test supplies

The packaging and sealing of pharmaceutical and medical products are of critical importance to preserve sterile conditions. By supplying a 100% seal inspection to verify the packages with COVID-19 test supplies, also Engilico is helping to fight the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

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Ready for demonstration: HyperScope® for in-line seal inspection of rigid plastic packages

HyperScope® hyperspectral imaging for rigid packaging

Engilico, specialist in non-destructive in-line seal inspection, announces that its new seal inspection solution for plastic trays, pots and other thermoformed packages, is ready for on-line demonstration. The HyperScope® inspection solution uses hyperspectral imaging (HSI) technology to detect contamination with high contrast in the sealing area of rigid packages, even with printed plastic films. Interested parties are invited to remotely follow a live, interactive demonstration of the HyperScope® system with their own packaged products.




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Special Dog Company innovates with inline seal inspection of retort pouches for wet pet food


Retort pouch for wet pet food

Wet pet food manufacturing is a complex process to consistently guarantee a top quality, healthy and tasty product. Incompletely sealed packages result in contaminating machines, lost production and labor time for cleaning, manual sorting of bad packages, etc. If these badly sealed packages leave the production site, the impact can be even greater, with potential risk for expensive product returns, call backs and brand damage.

And that’s why Special Dog Company invested in a 100% inline seal inspection to guard the quality of the seals.



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Engilico selected as ˝Company of the Year˝ by Industry Update


UK magazine “Industry Update” announced that Engilico has received our Packaging Solutions “Company of the Year” award.
“We are very honored to receive this award,” said Peter Nijs, Engilico’s CTO. “We are proud we can stand out by our innovative solutions that are engineered and developed by listening to the requirements and needs of our customers. We would like to thank all our customers, partners and employees for their continued support.”

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Excellent packaging quality for freshly made pâté


Pate in consumer packaging (flow pack)

De Spiegeleire implements SealScope® 100% seal inspection on pâté packaging line

Retailers always impose higher quality requirements on suppliers of freshly packed products. When packaging food – often under atmospheric modified conditions, leaking or open packaging must be prevented to ensure preservation and food safety. That is why De Spiegeleire N.V., a Belgian producer of quality pâtés, implemented the SealScope ® seal inspection system to automatically check their pâté in consumer packaging.



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Committed to Safety | Update on CORONA-virus (COVID-19)

Corona-Virus-update In these challenging times, staying healthy is essential for everyone. We truly hope you, your colleagues and relatives are safe. Also Engilico has taking precautions to cope with the current situation.

Fortunately, we can share with you that our engineering, production, customer support and sales teams are operational.
Obviously, for the coming weeks, we reduced our customer visits, but we are certain that we can still provide excellent support by email, phone, screen sharing and video-conference.

Therefore, we also want to invite you – in case of questions, requests or planned projects – not to hesitate to contact us via:

We are monitoring closely the situation following the guidelines of the authorities.

Stay safe and healthy!

Best regards,
The Engilico Team


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Seeberger increases packaging quality and line output using SealScope®

Seeberger Seeberger is the leading brand of premium nuts and dried fruit in Europe. These products require gas flushed packages to make sure that the product quality and flavor are preserved. To improve their packaging quality and productivity, Seeberger deployed SealScope®, Engilico’s inline seal inspection and monitoring technology.



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Engilico receives a VLAIO grant to develop hyperspectral solution for in-line seal inspection of thermoformed packaging and trays

Engilico Rotselaar, Leuven – Engilico received a grant from VLAIO to develop a seal inspection solution for thermoformed packaging and trays, often used in food applications. The inspection solution will use hyperspectral imaging (HSI) technology and dedicated image processing. The new development will allow to detect contamination in the seal with a much higher contrast than traditional vision-based systems and to measure through printed and transparent film.

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Engilico® opens US office and appoints new sales manager for North America

Engilico Engilico, the leading expert in sealing inspection and monitoring technology for the best packaging integrity results, is expanding its North American activities with the establishment of a new US subsidiary in St. Louis, Missouri. Also, as of Sept 20th Andre Bihan Thomas has joined the Engilico team as Sales Manager for North America to accelerate the US business activities. In this role, Andre will focus on developing the seal inspection business and forming relationships with the food, pet food and other applicable industries.

Jos Deschagt, Operations Manager at Engilico comments: “Andre has been active in the food & beverage industry in the last 10 years and brings a vast experience in strategic business development, partnership building and industry knowledge to Engilico.”

Olivier Georis, CEO of Engilico, concludes: “The opening of our new subsidiary in the US is an important step of our global growth plan. As demand has been growing strongly in the US, we decided to make these investments to allow our customers to work directly with local Engilico sales and support staff. This will also significantly increase our support level offering quicker response and service scheduling.”

About Engilico
Engilico® delivers innovative solutions to inspect the sealing of flexible packaging in the food, pet food and other industries. The SealScope® solution provides 100% in-line seal inspection and process monitoring. Main benefits are better packaging quality, higher productivity, and reduced packaging costs. SealScope® is easy to integrate in an existing or new packaging line and allows end-of-line automation and/or the elimination of manual inspection.


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Engilico® expands sales and marketing activities to further grow our sealing inspection business

Engilico Engilico®, the leading expert in sealing inspection and monitoring technology for the best packaging results, is vastly expanding its sales and marketing activities with the start of two new colleagues.

Ludo Colson has joined the Engilico team as Executive Account Manager for Benelux. With 20 years of experience in the packaging industry at VC999 and Omori Europe, Ludo is ideally positioned to grow the EngilicoTM business in Benelux.

Olivier Georis, CEO of Engilico® comments: “With this expansion, EngilicoTM wants to better serve its Benelux customers within the food, pet care and pharma industry.

Engilico® also welcomes Renaat Van Cauter, who will be responsible to expand Engilico’s marketing activities. Previously active as Director of Marketing at Metris and Nikon Metrology, Renaat joins forces again with Olivier Georis and Peter Nijs, founders of Engilico®.

Olivier Georis continues: “Our goal is to significantly increase the awareness of Engilico’s capabilities of sealing inspection in the packaging industry. By intensively addressing the packaging community, we will open the gates to further grow our business.”
Learn about more open job opportunities at Engilico (

About Engilico
Engilico delivers innovative technology to inspect, optimize and monitor the sealing process of flexible packaging to the food, pet care and pharma industry.
Our SealScope® solution provides 100% in-line sealing inspection and process monitoring. Main customer benefits are:


The SealScope® technology improves package integrity and shelf life, reduces customer complaints and therefore enhances the brand image of international players within the global food, pet care and pharma industry including Unilever, FrieslandCampina, Materne, Puratos, Kikkoman, Ecolab, Seeberger, etc.

Our global partnerships with leading packaging manufacturers within the food, pet care and pharma industry guarantee an easy integration of SealScope® to deliver optimized packaging lines for your business.

Contact information
Engilico BVBA
Wingepark 55B
Phone: +32 16 49 81 37
SealScope® – 100% SEAL INSPECTION


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Deloitte nominates Engilico as one of the 50 fastest growing tech companies in Belgium.

Deloitte Fast50 Nominee This nomination is a great recognition for the entire team and for our SealScope® product, which allows our food and pharma customers to enhance the quality of their packaging. The nomination will also boost the trust of our current and future customers and will support us greatly in the further international roll-out of our products.


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List compatible packaging machines continues to grow

compatible-machines More and more leading companies in the food, pet care and pharma industry throughout the world are successfully using SealScope® for seal inspection to improve their outgoing packaging quality, monitor their production and reduce their packaging cost.

Hence the list of packaging machines compatible with SealScope® is growing rapidly. Recent additions include SN-Maschinenbau, PFM, Inno-tech and UVA.

SealScope® also succesfully operates on the following packaging machines: Fuji Packaging, ToyoJidoki, Leepack, Ilapak, VH Verpakkingsmachines, Omori, Volpak, KHS.

If you would like to find out if SealScope® can be installed on your machine as well, please contact us.

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Follow us on LinkedIn

Engilico LinkedIn As of today you find updates on Engilico and information on the world of flexible packaging on LinkedIn. Follow us: in English, in French or in German.

Feel free to link with the Engilico Team through Mr. Dimitri Saerens. For Engilico DACH office please link with Mr. Edwin Poppe.

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Distribution partnership BFR Groupe

BFR Groupe Engilico announces its distribution partnership with BFR Groupe, one of the leading distributors of packaging machinery. The SealScope® technology used for sealing inspection and process monitoring fits well into BFR’s product portfolio and will initially be offered on Toyo Jidoki pouch machines in France.
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Hazeleger Cheese implements a second SealScope® system

Hazeleger Cheese

After the successful integration of its first SealScope® inspection system on a horizontal flow pack line in 2014, Hazeleger Cheese* decided to install the SealScope® technology on a second packaging line.

Impressed by the increase in both its packaging quality and a significant higher production output Hazeleger Cheese continues to aim for zero-defect flexible packages and is for the second time partnering with Engilico, the Belgian developer of SealScope®.

*Hazeleger Cheese is a packaging company of Dutch cheese specialty products and service provider for a number of cheese brands.

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Engilico expands its activities into Germany

Edwin Poppe Engilico, the leading expert in sealing monotoring technology for the best packaging results, is rapidly expanding its European activities with the start of a new branch office in Germany. As of May 2015, Mr. EDWIN POPPE has joined the international Engilico team as Branch Manager for Germany and the neigbouring german speaking markets. With this important step, Engilico wants to better support its german speaking customers within the food, pet care and pharma industry.

Mr. Edwin Poppe can be reached at +49 6461 80 70 417 or at

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Engilico is currently hiring

jobs Engilico is currently hiring.

Engilico is currently hiring an international Application Engineer as well as a Labview software developer.

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Kaasbrik invests in 2 additional SealScopes to monitor all its production lines

kaasbrik Last year, Kaasbrik has invested in a first SealScope system to replace manual inspection of seal quality and to monitor one of its packaging lines. The results were very convincing and as a consequence Kaasbrik has decided to also equip its other 2 lines with SealScope.
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