Experts in optimizing packaging lines

The Engilico team is committed to work with you on optimizing your packaging lines and improving your sealing quality. We are proud of our extensive, international, result-based track record within the food, pet care and pharma industry. Contact us today for more information on how we can assist you.


A typical implementation trajectory of the SealScope™ consists of the following steps.


Auditing the line (process) is an essential step in the integration trajectory of SealScope™ since the key to better quality and performance lies in optimizing your process. Defective top seals are typically caused by a combination of systematical and incidental (statistical) process errors. During a line audit, the SealScope™ is used to assess the current status of the production line and to identify root causes of systematical errors.


When sources are identified, the process can be improved in order to reduce the variation. SealScope™ allows to measure the process variation and can thus be used to quantify the impact of improvements on the line.

Engilico has experienced engineers that can assist the customer during both auditing and improvement trajectories.