100% seal inspection for the best packaging results

SealScope™ is an in-line, 100% seal inspection and process monitoring technology for flexible packages. Using sensors mounted on the sealing jaws, SealScope™ non-destructively detects product in seal, wrinkles and tapered seals. Early warnings for process drifts enable preventive machine maintenance. Leading companies in the food, pet care and other industries  are using SealScope™ to improve the outgoing packaging quality, optimize the productivity and reduce the packaging cost.

SealScope™ captures over 90% of compromised packages due to wrinkles and product in seal, resulting in longer shelf-life, monitored customer safety, reduced customer complaints and improved brand image.
Determine the optimal machine settings and packaging head space for guaranteed quality at high speeds with less standstills, resulting in higher effective machine output under monitored quality.
Reduce personnel, machine and package costs thanks to automated seal inspection, higher packaging speeds, reduced head space and lower scrap rate by rejecting individual packages instead of entire batches.
Increase market share by offering a better quality product than your competitors.