SealScope™ for in-line seal inspection
and process monitoring

SealScope™ is a unique, patented in-line seal inspection and process monitoring technology for 100% inspection of your package seal and for detection of process drift. It’s main functionalities are:

  • Optimization of your seal packaging process for higher quality and speed
  • Detection of compromised seal packages due to wrinkles, product in seal or other contaminations
  • Monitoring of packaging process and issuing of early warning in case of drift


The patented SealScope™ seal process monitoring technology measures the vibration pattern during the closing of the sealing jaws.
This measurement is then compared to the fingerprint vibration of a good seal. Compromised  seal packages due to wrinkles, product in seal and other inclusions can easily be detected and rejected.


SealScope™ consists of one or multiple vibration sensors, a controller and the SealScope™ Software. SealScope™ is adaptable to most heat sealing packaging processes & packaging types, including pillow bags, flow packs and pouches.
Using the detection and monitoring tools of the SealScope™ you can cut the number of incidental open packages by a factor of 10 or more. Additionally, packaging speed can be increased while monitoring the sealing quality. (Results are process dependent, contact us for advice.)