Seal Height Measurement

Better packaging quality by seal height inspection

A correct seal height is critical for the final product quality. Seal height issues can lead to open or leaking packages that can disrupt the packaging process or lead to customer complaints. Also for aesthetic purposes a visually correct seal height is required. By adding the Seal Height Measurement (SHM) sensor to a SealScope® setup, it is possible to automatically eliminate products with seal height problems during the packaging process.

✓ Seal height is a key indicator for packaging quality
✓ Detects seals that are too big, too narrow or tapered
✓ Applicable for horizontal and rotary pouch machines
✓ Fully integrated in SealScope® software;
✓ Retrofit possible on existing SealScope® installations

The Seal Height Measurement sensor and functionality are fully integrated in the SealScope® software. The overview sealing status displays easy-to-interpret seal height and taper measurement results that are evaluated within user defined tolerances. Detailed analysis is available via monitored parameters such as seal height, pouch width, taper, seal lift, tilt, etc.

Note: The Seal Height Measurement functionality is an option to SealScope® and consists of sensor, cabling, mounting kit and software.

Contact us for more information or to validate if the Seal Height Measurement functionality is applicable for you.

Download Seal Height Measurement flyer