Longitudinal seal monitoring

In flexible packaging applications such as flow-pack packaging, the film is pre-formed with a longitudinal seal before the package is filled and cross-sealed. It is important to continuously monitor the quality of the longitudinal seal as poorly sealed packages, can lead to leaks or open packages. Engilico™ offers a dedicated solution to monitor the position of the longitudinal seal, made by heat sealing, impulse sealing or ultrasonic sealing. This inspection functionality enables to check the overlap in the longitudinal seal by adding a non-contact sensor, as well for opaque, printed as transparent films. SealScope™ checks that the packaging film is not conveyed outside of the defined limits, as this can lead to an incorrect or a varying overlap of the longitudinal seal.


  • Longitudinal seal is crucial for global packaging quality
  • Monitors parameters that influence quality of longitudinal seal
  • For flow-pack and VFFS packaging machines
  • Applicable for opaque, printed and transparent film
  • Fully integrated in SealScope™ software
  • Retrofit possible for existing SealScope™ installations


Contact us for more information or to validate if the Longitudinal Seal Monitoring functionality is applicable for you.