Engilico® provides seal inspection system for verification of packaging with COVID-19 test supplies

Engilico supplies seal inspection system of COVID-19 test supplies

The packaging and sealing of pharmaceutical and medical products are of critical importance to preserve sterile conditions. By supplying a 100% seal inspection to verify the packages with COVID-19 test supplies, also Engilico is helping to fight the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic.

The supplies for the COVID-19 tests are packaged in cleanroom environment and are sealed using heat sealing bars. The SealScope® seal inspection system uses dedicated sensors that are mounted on the sealing bars. These sensors detect plies, folds or product in the sealing area that can lead to open or leaking packages.

When a defective package is detected, a signal is sent to an ejector unit that eliminates the compromised packages from the packaging line. The immediate advantage of the SealScope system is that 100% of the products are automatically inspected, necessary to guarantee the outgoing product quality.

“The major part of our customers are active in food production.”, comments Olivier Georis, CEO of Engilico®, ”But we are proud to play our part during COVID-19 outbreak by supplying a seal inspection system to a world leading medical technology company.”