Engilico integrates seal height measurement in SealScope®

Seal height measurement sensor

Better packaging quality by seal height inspection

 A correct seal height is critical for the seal and product quality. Seal height issues can lead to open or leaking packages that can disrupt the packaging process or lead to customer complaints. Therefor it is important to automatically eliminate products with seal height problems already during the production process.  Engilico® now offers a seal height measurement sensor that is fully integrated in the SealScope® application to detect seals that are too high, too low or tapered.

In a packaging machine, the industrial non-contact sensor is typically installed before the sealing unit and measures the top seal profile of package during transfer to the sealing station. Defective seals are instantly signaled in the SealScope® application and if the seal height is out of user-defined tolerance, a rejection signal is sent to eliminate the package from the line.

“The open architecture of the SealScope® system allows us to easily add new sensors,” comments Peter Nijs, CTO of Engilico®, ”This seal height measurement is a functionality that can benefit many of our customers to further improve and monitor their packaging quality.”

The seal height measurement functionality is available as a SealScope® option and is applicable for horizontal or rotary (carrousel) pouch packaging systems. For current SealScope® customers, it can also be retrofitted to existing installations.

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