Matrix shows SealScope®, in-line 100% seal inspection at Pack Expo East 2024

Pack Expo East 2024

At the Pack Expo East (Philadelphia, Mar 18-20) tradeshow, Matrix Packaging Machinery, part of the ProMach Flexibles & Trays business line, will demonstrate Engilico’s SealScope® seal inspection solution on a PACRAFT TT-8D-N packaging machine.


The sealing of flexible and rigid packages is a crucial step in many food packaging processes. Product in seal, wrinkles, pleats, or folds can lead to imperfectly closed packages with an immediate negative effect on shelf life, customer satisfaction, and even brand image. An in-line, 100% seal inspection system tackles these challenges.

SealScope® is an easy-to-integrate and non-destructive in-line seal inspection and process monitoring technology for flexible packages such as pouches, VFFS bags, flow wrappers, etc. The innovative SealScope® system uses sensors mounted on the sealing bars to detect undesired product in the seal or folds, which can lead to open packages. Every produced package is instantly compared to a reference seal and when sealing errors are detected, the defective packages are automatically ejected from the conveyor belt. In addition to inspecting every individual product, SealScope® also monitors the quality of the complete packaging process. By issuing early warning signals when the sealing process is drifting, operators can execute proactive maintenance to avoid unplanned production stops.

At Pack Expo East, SealScope® is demonstrated on a PACRAFT TT-8D-N pre-made pouch, filler/sealer, suited to fill and seal a variety of products at high speeds. But, the in-line seal inspection can also be retrofitted to VFFS baggers, including models such as the Matrix Mercury, HFFS packaging machines from Bartelt and Ossid, or (long dwell/ box-motion) flow wrappers from Reepack.

“As Matrix is the master distributor of the PACRAFT pouch packaging machines and Engilico recently joined the PACRAFT group, it is a logical step to introduce this innovative seal inspection solution at our shows”, says Christine Duncan, Marketing Director, for the ProMach Flexibles and Trays Business Line, “It is a very interesting technology that can help our customers to improve packaging quality and productivity.”




About Engilico
Engilico (Rotselaar, Belgium) delivers innovative technologies to inspect, monitor and optimize the sealing process of flexible and rigid packaging. These technologies are packaging machine brand independent and enable customers to realize better packaging quality, higher packaging productivity and end-of-line automation. Engilico’s technologies provide package integrity and ensure shelf-life, therefore increasing customer satisfaction and improving the brand image of leading international companies within the global food, pet care, and other applicable industries. Engilico has a worldwide presence and became part of the PACRAFT group, a subsidiary of Nabtesco (Tokyo, Japan) in 2021.

For more than 60 years, PACRAFT (formerly Toyo Jidoki) has been innovating and supplying pre-made pouch-filling and packaging equipment. Headquartered in Tokyo (Japan) with a subsidiary office in Chicago, PACRAFT is part of the Nabtesco group. PACRAFT has an installed base exceeding 10,000 units and has subsidiaries in 4 countries and distributor partners in more than 40 countries and regions. –

About Matrix Packaging Machinery
Matrix is an industry leading manufacturer of rugged, cost competitive, and easy-to-use vertical form fill seal (VFFS) equipment for all types of flexible packaging and operates as a master distributor of INVpack stickpack and sachet machines, PACRAFT pre-made pouch packaging machines, and Cetec Industrie flexible bagging machines . With more than 30 years of flexible packaging expertise, Matrix has the ability, knowledge, and commitment to tailor highly efficient and profitable packaging systems for our customers on a global scale. Matrix is a product brand of ProMach, a global leader in packaging line solutions. As part of the ProMach Flexibles & Trays business line, Matrix helps its packaging customers protect and grow the reputation and trust of their consumers. ProMach is performance, and the proof is in every package. Learn more about Matrix at and more about ProMach at