Better pet food packaging quality with 100% SEAL INSPECTION

For pet food products in flexible packages, 100% seal inspection is an absolute requirement. Compromised packages, typically caused by wrinkles, folds or contamination in the sealing area, need to be eliminated automatically.   Engilico’s SealScope® provides in-line, 100% seal inspection and process monitoring enabling better packaging quality, increased packaging line performance and end-of-line automation.

Duration: 18 min


Join us for a free webinar to learn how SealScope:

  • Provides 100% SEAL INSPECTION of retort pouches, VFFS bags & flow wraps
  • MONITORS THE SEALING PROCESS with full reporting capabilities
  • Improves the PACKAGE QUALITY

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Pet food producers always aim at increasing the productivity while maintaining the highest product quality. The sealing of flexible packages is a crucial step in the pet food packaging processes. Product in seal or wrinkles and folds can lead to badly closed packages with an immediate negative effect on shelf life, customer satisfaction and even brand image.

An inline, 100% seal inspection system is the solution to overcome this challenge. Engilico’s SealScope® solution inspects the sealing of flexible packages, as well retort pouches used for wet pet food as VFFS bags or flow wraps for dry pet care applications.

SealScope® also monitors and reports the sealing process, it is perfectly suited to optimize production lines for packaging speed and availability. By issuing early warning signals when the sealing process is drifting, it allows to schedule preventive maintenance and avoid unnecessary production stops.

If you are experiencing issues with sealing process or want to maximize your packaging productivity, this webinar will explain you how SealScope enables you to solve these challenges.



Duration : 20 min

About Engilico
Engilico® is an innovative technology company specialized in sealing inspection and monitoring solutions for flexible packages in the food, pet care and other industries. Engilico’s products improve packaging quality, increase packaging line performance and availability and eliminate manual inspection. Engilico is based in Belgium and is operational worldwide via a combination of direct sales and a growing distributor network. Our global partnerships with leading packaging system manufacturers guarantee an easy integration of SealScope® to deliver optimized packaging lines for your business.
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Renaat Van CauterEngilico Webinar: Better pet food packaging quality with 100% SEAL INSPECTION