SealScope webinar: Use cases of in-line, 100% seal inspection ​​​​​​​to improve packaging quality and productivity

SealScope® Webinar: Use cases of in-line, 100% seal inspection   to improve packaging quality and productivity Join us for a free webinar that explains:

  • Why in-line seal inspection is a must in food packaging
  • Basics of SealScope® for 100% seal inspection of flexible packaging
  • Case stories on how our customers use inline seal inspection
    • For various food applications: Meat, cheese, pet food, fresh produce, powder
    • Using different package types: Pouches, (VFFS) Bags, Flow wraps
    • On multiple machines brands: Toyo Jidoki (PACRAFT), GEA, Omori, etc.

Webinar information
The sealing of flexible packages is a crucial step in many food packaging processes. Product in seal or wrinkles can lead to badly closed packages with an immediate negative effect on shelf life, customer satisfaction and even brand image.

An inline, 100% seal inspection system is the solution to overcome this challenge. Engilico’s SealScope® solution inspects the sealing of flexible packages, such as pouches, horizontal flow wraps or pillow bags used for sliced cheese and meat, grated cheese, vegetables, fruits, sauces, powders, pet food and many more products.

As SealScope® monitors the sealing process, it is perfectly suited to optimize production lines for packaging speed and availability. By issuing early warning signals when the sealing process is drifting, it allows to schedule preventive maintenance and avoid unnecessary production stops.

If you are experiencing issues with sealing process or want to maximize your packaging productivity, this 15 min webinar will explain you  -using real life user stories- how SealScope® enables you to solve these challenges.

Dates: Instant replay

Duration: 18 min