Engilico presents release roadmap for hyperspectral in-line seal inspection of food trays

HyperScope® hyperspectral imaging for rigid packaging

Rotselaar, Belgium – Engilico, pioneer in non-destructive in-line seal inspection, presents the release roadmap for its new seal inspection solution for rigid packaging such as trays, pots and other thermoformed packages. The HyperScope® inspection solution uses hyperspectral imaging (HSI) technology to detect contamination in the sealing area of rigid packages, even with printed plastic foils, which are invisible for traditional vision based systems.

Important milestones in the release schedule are:

  • May: Webinar on HyperScope® seal inspection for rigid packages
  • June: Benchmarking at customers using mobile demo-unit
  • July: HyperScope ready for demonstration at tradeshows and events
  • Oct: Start of pilot deployments at customers

Contamination in the seal causes important issues for food companies as it may lead to leakage and consequently reduced shelf life, health issues and even expensive recalls with potential brand damage. As such automatic detection of contaminated seals is important for both food safety and production automation in packaging. For standard vision systems, inspection of the seal of packages with printed top film is very difficult as the printed film is non-transparent and/or has the same color as the contamination itself.

Hyperspectral cameras capture information from a larger part of the electromagnetic spectrum including infrared wavelengths that penetrate through thin plastic foils.  The particular strength of hyperspectral cameras is that contamination in the seal can be reliably detected with a much higher contrast than traditional vision cameras, even through printed plastic films. The development is funded by VLAIO, the Flemish institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship.

Implemented as an in-line seal inspection solution, HyperScope® enables customers to realize better packaging quality, higher packaging productivity, end-of-line automation and reduced packaging costs.

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About Engilico

Engilico® delivers innovative technologies to inspect, optimize and monitor the sealing process of packaging.  These technologies enable customers to realize better packaging quality, higher packaging productivity, end-of-line automation and reduced packaging costs. As such, Engilico technology warrants package integrity and shelf life, reduces customer complaints and therefore improves the brand image of top 10 international players within the global food, pet care and other industries where sealing integrity is of utmost importance.